you wrote your name on my heart in permanent marker but only let me write on yours in pencil

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my talents include being able to sit on the toilet for 30 minutes being distracted by my phone

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"I’ve been homesick for countries I’ve never been, and longed to be where I couldn’t be."

"Smoking a DVD watching illegal weed"

Ed Sheeran messing up the words in Nina at the Toronto Show.  (via whorannaround)

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Let me make this clear.

I don’t want you to save me.


i think i dropped myself as a baby

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"Read as much as you can. Nothing will help you as much as reading."

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  • High-School Teachers: You need to be professional when you go to college. High-School dress-code reflect what COLLEGE classes expect you to wear.
  • Actual College Student: I know this class is at 5:00 pm, but I'm wearing pajama pants and a tank top.
  • Actual College Professor: lol same.